Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Anniversary to My Grandparents

My grandparents were married exactly 80 years ago today on October 17, 1934, in Pittsburgh.

I was close to my Grandma and miss her very much, so I'm lucky to have a collection of cards that my grandfather gave her many years ago. Below is one she received before they were married. She also pasted into the back of her scrapbook a small yellowing newspaper clipping about their engagement. I later found that it was in the September 21, 1934, edition of The Mt. Washington News:
"Why does J.B. ... whistle while at work? It seems that he has been bitten by the love bird and his wedding is not far off. The girl--we hear she is some very nice girl from out in Beechview somewhere. Congratulations, John, and good luck."
Greeting cards like this may not help with genealogy research, but they are a great reminder that we should try to learn as much as we can about the personal side of our ancestors. I would never have thought that my grandfather called himself Johnny!


  1. Good job! This is such a nice reminder of small town newspapers and what good things about an ancestor can often be found there. I once found this statement, "Miss Annie Meier is visiting her brother John this week. Why is George so happy?" No one needed George's last name in that small village. They knew that George, my grandfather, was courting Annie Meier. Finding those nuggets are also genealogical smiles. Glad you got one too.

  2. Welcome to Geneabloggers! My grandparents married in 1931 and ultimately settled in Pittsburgh, where my grandmother was born. (See A Small 1931 Family Wedding for the details of their wedding.) I look forward to reading more about your Pittsburgh ancestors.


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