Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Greetings from 1930

Here's another greeting card that my grandfather gave to my grandmother, this one from 1930 before they were married:

Genealogy: Christmas Cards

Have a wonderful Christmas!


  1. What a special treasure this is!!

  2. I've just finished reading from one end of your blog to the other, and I've found some real treasures to utilize in my research! I've been busy pinning posts to my Pinterest Boards.

    I'm pretty excited about finding your blog!! My grandmother was born in Pittsburgh, and lived there until she was about 14.
    Her father (August Ludwig) was born in Pittsburgh, of parents from Germany/Bohemia (an area which was part of Czech Republic when they immigrated to America.
    Her mother (Delia Gallagher) was also born in Pittsburgh, of Irish parents.
    Interestingly, Delia followed a traditional naming pattern: naming her first daughter after her Irish mother, and then naming her second daughter after her husband's German mother!

    Wish I lived closer (I live in Oregon), it would be fun to get together & compare notes!
    : )

    1. How great! Thanks for reading my blog, Anita. I love hearing from people with Pittsburgh roots!


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