Friday, May 8, 2015

The Sacrifices of Mothers

With Mother's Day approaching, the following newspaper story is a reminder of the difficulties often faced by mothers in our family trees and the sacrifices they often made for their children. This article appeared in The Wichita Daily Eagle on December 12, 1920:

Article: "Would Adopt the Unborn Child of Anguished Mother"
"How one woman's sympathy goes out to another in distress is well illustrated in a communication received by The Eagle recently from Mrs. Bertha Sass of Neodesha, Kan.
Mrs. Sass read in The Eagle of a mother living near Pittsburg, Penn., who desired to sell her unborn baby to some family promising to rear it properly, hoping to realize enough thereby to care for the five children she already has.
The Pittsburg mother, whose name is not published, has inserted in the Pittsburg Press a classified advertisement as follows: 'Healthy mother wishes to sign away all rights to her child expected next month. Her husband has deserted her and she wishes to provide against want for the balance of her flock. Write P.S., Box 38, Pittsburg, Press office.'
This little advertisement sums up an ocean of woman's anguish and grief. She has been married five years and has five children including a set of twins, one of which is now dead. The four remaining tots range in age from 11 months to four years.
Her husband deserted her several months ago. She is now being cared for by relatives and by the Red Cross. She is anxious to make all arrangements for the birthright before her baby is born, as she does not wish to see it, knowing how hard the ordeal of parting will be.
She stated she is willing to sign any papers the foster parents may wish. She will give good references and requires the same. She wants only to be sure her baby will be well cared for.
To this distressed mother, the heart of the Neodesha woman goes out. She has no children of her own, and believes this will be a chance to obtain a child as well as do a despairing mother a good turn. The Eagle has placed Mrs. Sass in touch with the Pittsburg mother and communications are now going on."

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