Friday, June 19, 2015

Romance Existed in 1884

I'm not romantic at all. If there's a gene that determines this personality trait, I definitely didn't get it. So as I research marriages of the past, I tend to assume that couples married more for practical reasons than love and romance. Especially in rural areas, there couldn't have been many opportunities to meet eligible partners.

But then, as I was searching, I came across the little blurb above in the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette dated September 23, 1884. How sweet! The birthday girl was my great-great aunt Mary Jae Prill, and she had been married to Charles for four years. She probably loved her serenade.

Note: The genealogist in me can't help but point out that it wasn't Mary's 28th birthday; she was actually 30. Not that I want to rain on her party...

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