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The Will of Julia Gamble of Saltsburg, Pennsylvania

Will Book, Indiana County, PennsylvaniaIt's always a thrill to find an ancestor's will, and I particularly love those that list specific possessions. There aren't many wills for relatives in my family tree, but my husband is much more fortunate.

Julia L. Gamble, who lived her entire life in Pennsylvania--both in Kiskiminetas, Armstrong County, and Saltsburg, Indiana County--was my husband's 3rd great-aunt. She was not married and signed her last will and testament on February 4, 1900:
"Last Will and Testament of Julia L. Gamble, of Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania:
Item. I direct that my just debts be fully paid.
Item. I nominate and appoint M. Wilson Stewart my sole executor. [This was the 35-year-old son of her sister Elizabeth Gamble Stewart. Elizabeth had died the previous year at the age of 58.]
Item. I direct my executor to sell my real estate as soon as he may conveniently do so for a fair and reasonable price, hereby giving my said executor full power to make, execute and deliver all necessary deeds or other instruments of conveyance to pass my title in said real estate.
Item. I direct my executor to retain $200.00 to be used by him in paying funeral expenses of Mother and brother Robert, whenever such events occur, $100.00 for each. [Julia's mother, Fannie Moore Gamble, died the following year at the age of 89.]
Item. I direct my executor to expend $500.00 for a monument and in improvement and care for the cemetery lot.
Item. I give my gold watch to my niece Grace Shadle. [Grace was the youngest child of her sister, Nancy Gamble Kirkendall, and had been married for a year to John Wherry Shadle.]
Item. I give my gold chain to my nephew Scott Stewart. [Scott was the youngest child of her sister Elizabeth.]
Item. Of my trinkets, clothes and other similar possessions sister Fanny is to get anything she wants; she can divide with the rest of them if she wants to. [Her sister was Fannie Gamble Kiebler.]
Item. All the rest, residue and remainder of my property in possession or to which I may be entitled, I direct my executor to use in support of Mother and Robert, and the balance if any to give to my niece Fanny Gamble. [Her niece Fanny was the only daughter of her brother, John Gamble.]
Item. I revoke all former wills and testaments by me made.
In witness of this my last will and testament I hereto set my hand and seal this Fourth day February A.D. 1900. 
Julia must have known she was dying, since she passed the next day, on February 5, 1900, at the age of 62. Her obituary stated that she suffered from "a lingering illness from a complication of diseases."

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