Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Collaborate with Cousins

Last week, I heard from a cousin that I've emailed from time to time in the past. He had found my blog and wanted to give me an update on his research regarding the Huber branch of our family tree. This reminded me of how great it is to have someone to work with on genealogy research. Here are some reasons to collaborate with cousins or anyone who is willing to partner with you on genealogy research:

  • Gain a Fresh Look - It's true that a second pair of eyes is always helpful in noticing clues or errors that you may have missed otherwise. 
  • Revisit Your Research - I prepared an updated summary of my research for my cousin, which made me look again at all of my facts, sources, and assumptions; this was extremely helpful in reminding me of the records that still need to be found.
  • Avoid Duplication - By sharing information, you can avoid spending time and money tracking down records that someone else has already located.
  • Learn from Others - Whether reading someone else's genealogy blog or exchanging emails about family research, there's so much we can learn from each other.

I'm so thankful that my cousin keeps in touch and that he's both willing to share his research reports and is interested in what I've found. If you've had success in collaborating with cousins, please share your experience!

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