Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wonderful Westmoreland County Deeds

Online county deeds are not created equal. In Pennsylvania, for instance, some counties allow you to search back to the 1970s only. At the other extreme, Westmoreland County provides access to records going back to the late 18th century. Fabulous!

An initial Simple Search of this county's deeds will only show results from 1918 to the present. For those dated 1943 and onward, a "Display Doc" link takes you quickly to the actual image. As an example, here's the first page of a deed from 1943:

Westmoreland County (PA) Deed, 27 Aug 1943,
Hattie Belle Ambler to Panfilo and Helen DeChellis

For results dated 1918 to 1942, you will need to write down the volume and page numbers and then do a second Archive Search that will take you to the image. (Please note that this Archive Search doesn't seem to work on mobile devices.)

For deeds older than 1918, they've been scanned and are available but, because they aren't indexed, they can't be searched. But they're there! Here's an image of a record from the county's very first deed book:

Westmoreland County (PA) Deed, 5 May 1790,
William Todd to John Parker

I don't have many relatives who lived in Westmoreland County, but I just had to share this resource with you. If you find anything interesting or helpful in these deeds, please post a comment.

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