Monday, February 29, 2016

Family Birth: Leap Day Baby, John S. Pollock

The Number 29
In honor of this unique day, I'm featuring my husband's 2nd great-uncle. John S. Pollock was born on February 29, 1868, in Elizabeth, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. His parents were farmer Henry G. Pollock and Florilla Patterson. He was one of six children (3 boys and 3 girls).

In 1880, John was a young man of 12 at home with his parents. At some point over the next dozen years, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and became the father of a daughter. John appears in the 1895 Minnesota state census as a carpet salesman, with wife Clara Turnbull Pollock and their children, Nancy and John. By 1900, he was back in Pennsylvania, where he had another daughter, Janet. Over the next 40 years, John was involved with carpet and awnings, eventually owning his own store and working with his son. 

John S. Pollock died on February 26, 1943, very close to the day of his birth. Except that 1943 wasn't a leap year.

Do you have any leap day births in your family tree?

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