Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Death Caused by Joy (or Not)

The Pittsburg Press,
April 17, 1908 
I came across this article on Newspapers.com while searching for stories about someone in my family tree. I guess it's another reminder that we shouldn't believe everything we read in newspapers.

Andy Wig of Lorain, Ohio, died suddenly in Duquesne, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, on April 12, 1908. This is how the newspaper explained his death:

     "Wig and his wife had been separated for three months until Sunday, when he came here from Lorain to try and be reconciled with her. After a short time they adjusted their differences and decided to return to Lorain and start life anew. They packed their trunk and were making their way to the station when he became suddenly sick as he was passing No. 202 River avenue. He went into the house for a short time, followed by his wife five minutes later, who found him dead.
     Deputy Coroner John Black, who investigated the case, found that he died from joy. His wife was at the services this morning and she wept bitterly."

I couldn't help myself and just had to take a look at Andy's Pennsylvania death certificate. I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that he didn't die from joy. The coroner indicated that his death was caused by acute indigestion.

Andy was about 33 years old and was buried in Highwood Cemetery in Pittsburgh.

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