Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Day 100 Years Ago

This cartoon appeared on the front page of The Pittsburg Press (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) on April 1, 1916:

On the same day, The Reading News-Times (Reading, Pennsylvania) had this to say about "All Fools' Day" exactly 100 years ago:
"It would seem to the ordinary observer that the world contains enough of fools and foolishness, and then some, without setting aside a special day for foolery. Perhaps at the time All Fools' Day was instituted, fools were scarcer, so that it was adjudged necessary to encourage their development, or maybe the object was to lighten up things, in an era when the world generally was more sad and sombre. It is possible, too, that the day was the invention of some antiquarian who saw in it the means of perpetuating ancient and timeworn jokes. If this latter speculation is correct, the day well accomplishes its purpose, for it never brings forth a new type of joke."

It's not one of my favorite days since I don't like surprises, but I hope you enjoy it!

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