Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Chiropodist Couple

I've mentioned before that the HathiTrust Digital Library has some interesting publications. For example, if you have a chiropodist from Illinois in your family tree, you might be interested in Registered Chiropodists in Good Standing January 1, 1919. It has eleven pages of individuals--many women--who practiced chiropody in Illinois. As the publication explained:

     "The law to regulate the practice of chiropody took effect July 1, 1917. It provides that on and after October 1, 1917, no person shall practice chiropody unless duly licensed so to do by the Department of Registration and Education.
     'Chiropody' is defined as the local, medical, mechanical or surgical treatment of the ailments of the human foot, except the correction of deformities or injuries through the use of the knife, such as amputation of the foot, or toes, or the treatment of injuries of the human foot, or the use of anaesthetics other than local, or the use of drugs or medicines other than local antiseptics."

The Pittsburg Press (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania),
February 10, 1918
One woman who was born in Illinois became a chiropodist and then moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she practiced with her husband. They advertised themselves as "Pittsburg's Progressive Chiropodists." Emma Augusta Schrader was born in Illinois about 1875 and eventually moved to Manhattan, New York, where she married Walter Teskey in 1903. The 1910 census shows that Walter was a chiropodist but not Emma. But by 1918, they both were practicing chiropody in Pittsburgh, and raising two boys.

Do you have a chiropodist in your family tree?


  1. Joanne,

    I've never heard of a Chiropodist. Thanks for your post!

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    1. I never had either so I'm glad you said that--I thought it was just me!


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