Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day Thoughts, 1897

In honor of our upcoming Memorial Day, here are some excerpts from an article published in The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania) on Saturday, May 22, 1897:

     "Approaching Memorial Day reminds us of our duties to our beloved dead, not only to those whose last resting places may be under the cypress, in the swamp, on the hillside, in the valley, on coral reefs or in the ocean depths, but to those who have followed later and left vacant chairs in our homes.
     Nearly three thousand years ago ancient Greece, that nation of pioneers of the higher civilization of the world, paid tribute to its dead who died in their Country's cause. Let us then pay homage to our Comrades, our brothers who fell in the cause of liberty for all mankind; let us gather the brightest and fairest of Spring's most beautiful flowers, and with music and with speech eulogize those who dying left the priceless heritage of citizenship in free America.
     Let us so observe this day of ours--this day of America's people--that no reproach may come to ourselves and no indifference to the deeds of our noble dead."

This Memorial Day, take time to remember those who died for our freedom.

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