Thursday, June 23, 2016

Clues to Great-Grandma's Birth Town

How can a woman born in 1876 be such a mystery? I don't know the parents of my great-grandmother, Alice Laubersheimer Huber (other than the names passed down in family stories). I don't know for sure where she was born. But there are some clues.

Google Map of Strasbourg,
Gerstheim, & Mulhouse in France
A birth certificate for one of her daughters says that Alice was born in "Strassburg, Alssaice-Lorraine." A birth record for her half-sister indicates that Anna Laubersheimer Milliken was born in Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin, France. In between those towns (see the map), a birth record for an uncle, Frederick Waldschmidt, shows that he was born in Gerstheim, Bas-Rhin, France.

Unfortunately, I haven't found the birth of my great-grandmother in any of those towns. A search of the online records in both the Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin archives came up empty. There was no Alice and no other Laubersheimers (other than Anna).

The records for other family members often give you clues to information about your direct ancestors. But many times more digging is required.

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  1. From 1871--1918, much of Alsace-Lorraine was in the German Empire as
    Elsass-Lothringen, so you might have to write the current French administration for civil records (both in French & English) to ask if they have copies of the records for the German years. Otherwise, you might have to write the German vital statistics office for that region (in German & English) to ask if they have those years you are interested in. In 2009, they eased the restrictions for privacy for relatives for genealogical purposes... see the German Civil Registration wiki on Family Search for more details...KMC


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