Monday, November 3, 2014

Pittsburgh Children's Hospital Fire of 1923

While browsing some historic online newspapers, I came across an obituary for a woman (whose name I've forgotten) who was described as a hero for saving many children during a devastating fire that destroyed the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh on May 31, 1923. I was curious to learn more about this event, so I found this article headline in The Pittsburgh Press.

"Sixty-three children were rescued, 16 firemen, a policeman and a physician were injured or overcome by smoke and escaping formaldehyde fumes and damage estimated at $100,000 resulted when fire swept the administration building of the Children's hospital, Forbes and Ophelia sts., early today." (Source: The Pittsburgh Press, May 31, 1923)
Amazingly, no one died in the fire. This particular article lists the names of 18 who were injured, as well as the dozens of children who were rescued.

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