Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Genealogists Can Learn from Christmas

As the holiday gets closer, here are some Christmas lessons that can be applied to genealogy:
Genealogy: Gifts of Research
  1. It's better to give than receive - There are many ways to help other genealogy researchers, and it will make you feel great. Consider taking photos of headstones for others when you visit a cemetery, or volunteer to help with a transcription project. And, if you keep your tree private, think about sharing your research. It doesn't have to be perfect (and will never be complete!).
  2. You don't always get everything you wish for - Some details about your ancestors will never be known. Records may not exist or have been destroyed, but you can still enjoy the genealogy details you do uncover.
  3. The wait helps us appreciate the gifts that come - Do you remember the great feeling of getting an envelope in your mailbox that contained ancestors' records you had requested? With online databases, we may not have to wait as much as in the past, but patience is still needed when it comes to a brick wall or finding time to visit a courthouse or archive. You will definitely appreciate the wait when you finally get some answers.
  4. We should emphasize the story - Just as we should remember the story of Christmas, we shouldn't lose sight of the stories involving our ancestors. They are more than names and dates, so dig deeper to find more about their jobs, towns, and lives. 
And, finally, since the holidays (and genealogy) are all about family, make sure you take time to enjoy yours!

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