Monday, January 12, 2015

Death of a Generous Man in January 1908

This is a great story about the generosity of a Pittsburgher in the early 1900s that I found on It appeared in The Indianapolis News on January 13, 1908:
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"Karl Schinke, Pittsburg's Santa Claus, is being mourned by hundreds of children in Lawrenceville. Schinke was the friend of every poor child in the neighborhood, and since coming to Pittsburg from Leavenworth, Kas., two months ago, has made himself famous. His little cottage and workshop resembled the Old Curiosity Shop or Toyland.
Schinke was a consulting engineer. On his way home from work the old man stopped at cigar stores and gathered empty cigar boxes. These he fashioned into toys which were distributed among the poor children. At Christmas time he canvassed the neighborhood and left a package of toys in many a poor child's home.
He was found dying by his wife Saturday night. A doctor was called, but the old man expired before he arrived. News of his death spread yesterday, and the little folks passed in a steady stream through the cottage to look for the last time on their friend."
Karl Schinke isn't my relative, but someone out there should feel very proud to have him in their family tree.

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