Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Family Marriage: Kuckert-Applegate in Beaumont, Texas

Genealogy and newspaper wedding announcements
The Evening Review (East Liverpool, OH),
March 19, 1907
On March 12, 1907, my 1st cousin twice removed, Frank Jacob Kuckert, married Florence Margaret Applegate in Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas. Frank was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Jacob & Elizabeth Jae Kuckert and moved with his parents to East Liverpool, Ohio, at some point between his half-sister's 1888 wedding and the 1900 census.

Frank's wedding announcement from mentions that he lived in New Jersey and New York before marrying in Texas:

"Mr. Kuckert is an East Liverpool boy and grew up practically in the local young men's associations. He is physical director at present in Beaumont, where he has been residing the past year and a half. After he left this city he went to New Jersey, later he was transferred to Brooklyn, then to Beaumont."

Frank spent at least the last 45 years of his life in Oklahoma, where he worked as a bookkeeper for an oil company. He and Florence had two daughters, Rebekah and Alice.

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