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The Huber Brothers of Akron & Pittsburgh

Genealogy and Akron Ohio
From Views of Akron, Ohio,
and Environs
, 1904
My 2nd great-grandparents, Ignace & Carolina Wey Huber, had all sons--eight of them. The oldest was born in Paris, France, but the rest (at least the ones I've found) were born in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania.

John Paul Huber died at the age of 1. Two brothers, Harry and Theodore, were named in the obituary of another brother but I know nothing about them. I don't know where they were born and haven't found them in any censuses. But I haven't given up!

My great-grandfather, Joseph Henry, and brothers Frank Pius and John Peter all stayed in Pittsburgh and raised their families there. The other two brothers, Alphonse Antoine and Charles Eugene, left Pittsburgh and moved to Akron, Ohio. Charles moved first, possibly due to his employment with a railroad, and Alphonse followed almost 20 years later.

Here are five of the Huber brothers and their wives:

  1. Alphonse Antoine Huber m. Anna Friedl
  2. Charles Eugene Huber m. Anna Hanselman
  3. Frank Pius Huber m. Amelia Kinzer or Kinzel
  4. Joseph Henry Huber m. Alice Laubersheimer
  5. John Peter Huber m. Julia Cliney

If there are any cousins out there who have information on Harry and Theodore Huber, I would love to hear from you!

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