Monday, April 20, 2015

A Female Entrepreneur Leaves for Canada

I found this great story in a trade journal on The Internet Archive:

Crockery & Glass Journal, November 6, 1913

I found Mary in the 1910 census of Pittsburgh living as a lodger with her sister Emma at 420 Tenth Street. She was employed by a department store as indicated in the article and was born about 1886 in Pennsylvania. So Mary would have been around 28 years old when she left for Canada in 1914.

I don't know if Mary ever made it to Canada or how long she stayed, but she eventually married Edward Francis Maloney and, by 1930, was living in Los Angeles County, California. It doesn't look like they ever had children, and Mary's sister Emma lived with them. Mary stayed in California for the rest of her life and died on March 11, 1976, in Los Angeles at the age of 90.

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