Thursday, February 4, 2016

Seeing Salt Lake City in 1905

You can always find interesting publications in both the Internet Archive and HathiTrust Digital Library. This one, called Seeing Salt Lake City, was published in 1905 by The American Sight-Seeing Car and Coach Company. It is full of photographs of attractions, hotels, businesses (both interior and exterior shots), and residences.

"Salt Lake appeals to everyone with different force. To the reader of history she lies as the first great outpost of western civilization. To the casual tourist she appeals as the home of a people of strange religious belief, a place filled with quaint architecture and tower-tipped temples. To the pleasure seeker there is the charm of her wondrous salty lake--twin sister to that other Dead Sea of the Holy Land--there are the attractions of her fuming springs, her shady drives, the crafty fish which lie in the deep pools of her mountain streams, the ducks which fly over her marshes and the big game which roams among the canyons of her eastern barrier. The man of money sees in her mines and rich tributary country millions yet to come. To the invalid 'The City of the Saints' promises a new lease of life, and, drinking in of its invigorating air, he finds his strength returned and hope renewed."

Check out Seeing Salt Lake City for yourself, and be sure to search for publications related to the cities or towns where your ancestors lived.

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